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Principles of the "Deep Ecology Platform Proposal"

BillDevall and George Sessions, Deep Ecology. Living as if Nature was Important Turin, Abele Group Editions, 1989, p. 78


The well-being and prosperity of human and non-human life on Earth have value in themselves (in other words: they have intrinsic or inherent value). These values are independent of the utility that the non-human world can have for humans.

“In these days we are concretely experiencing that we are all interdependent and interconnected.
The key word is "interconnection". The challenge is to deal with complexity as a whole and not to deal with problems separately. The first commandment of ecology says "Tout Se Tient". That is, everything is connected to all the others. Every person is connected to everybody else. There is no separation between man and nature.

In his Biocentric Education program, Rolando Toro spoke of "Wild Education" as a necessary pedagogy and drew up a social program of which every Biodanza facilitator is the ambassador in flesh and blood.

It is urgent to bring life back to the center.

The individual and collective actions that will bring life back to the center are:

- return to nature as personal identity, vivencia of unity and interdependence

- shift from the vertical and pyramidal paradigm to the horizontal and circular paradigm

-shift from the paradigm of individualism to the paradigm of cooperation and solidarity

- move from the competitive paradigm (linked to effort and competition) to the hedonistic paradigm (linked to eros and pleasure .. in fact,  only Bonobo monkeys live in the most peaceful societies on the planet)

-Affectiveness and empathy are not only "good" values ​​but the real pivot of the paradigm shift.

Everything seems to indicate that the change is ripe .. each of us has in his hands not only his own life, but also that of the whole species.

That's why there is an extraordinary affinity between Biodanza and Deep Ecology, and the contribution of the Biocentric culture to the Movement and the culture of Deep Ecology is more important than ever.

We are not pale extras, we are not isolated nomads in the great cosmic chaos. We are LIFE. We are very very important right now, we can make a difference, do a lot and we are here to do it, even a little daily action will produce a big change because .. tout if tient .. We are all ONE



We are all one


The Force that leads us

is the same that sets the sun on fire,

that animates the tides

which makes cherry trees bloom.


The force that moves us

is the same that makes the seeds vibrate

and carries the message of forgetful life.


Dance generates destiny

following the same laws

of the flower driven by the breeze.


In the sunflower of Harmony

we are all One.



Prof. Rolando Toro Araneda

(Creator of the Biodanza® System)

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