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The Forum arises from the heart and love. It belongs to all those who believe and commit to bringing forward Rolando Toro's great dream: a Biocentric society.

The Forum is implemented thanks to the contribution of all those who still want to dream that a better world is possible and "happiness is a social value".


I participated in almost all editions of the International Forum of social and clinical Biodanza and one of the things that enchanted me the most was seeing the friendship born among the participants: colleagues, professors, facilitators, participants, biodancers, which generated profound projects, love and common participation. I believe that the Forum is one of the great Biodanza Encounters capable of generating such strong bonds between people..and one leaves the Forum with the desire to stay there and at the same time motivated to take action for a better world. As our late friend Eugenio Pintore said: "Brava Giovanna Benatti for generating all this"

Augusto Madalena International teacher of Biodanza

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