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Tuco Nogales

Actor, dubber and communication expert, he has conducted an extensive investigation into the meaning of the voice in the expression of human identity.
Operator titular Biodanza teacher, leads groups and seminars of Biodanza in Spain and is the creator and holder of the IBF Course of specialization in the Extension "Biodanza and the four seasons", for the reinforcement of the bond with the cycles of nature. He is director of the Al-Andalus Biodanza School in Almeria. Trainer in numerous schools in Spain, Italy and Europe.

Narrator and poet, he published the book “Ecos de madera, de fuego y de agua”.

The dance of ecological love

Practical session of Biodanza

Saturday 27 May 2023

12:00 - 1:15 pm

The dance of ecological love is a dance proposal, an ecological love, from a conscious attitude towards life and human relationships.

Recognize the importance of diversity and take care of life in all its dimensions: the relationship with nature and human relationships is already, in itself, a biocentric proposal. From there we establish an axis to act with compassion, empathy, respect, promoting healthy and sustainable relationships. By adopting this attitude, we can build a more loving and beautiful world in tune with the dance of life.


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