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Tiziana Zappi

Biodanza operator, graduated in Sports Science, counselor, graphologist, expert in body expression and relaxation techniques, Reiki Master, Bach flower therapist. He created, with Oliviero Olivieri, the study "Biodanza and Biocentric Food". He has published two books of psychological techniques with the JL Moreno Association "83 games for group management" and "Games to grow together" where the Biodanza System is presented together with other group therapeutic techniques. It conducts multidisciplinary stages aimed at the well-being and self-realization of the individual through the therapeutic effects of group work and training courses recognized by the Ministry of Health aimed at psychologists, doctors, teachers and operators in the psycho-social and educational sector. He currently conducts seminars and modules in Biodanza training schools in Italy and abroad.

Desire for tenderness. Rediscover a feeling that is good for your health


Saturday 27 May 2023

9:30 - 10:20

Longing for tenderness, rediscovering a feeling that is good for health and that is essential in a biocentric culture based on values of solidarity and empathy: experiences from school to everyday life.

Tenderness is a powerful energy that structures identity and is able to heal us at any moment. It is functional to individual well-being as it increases the possibility of prosocial behavior at the level of mutual exchange. It is a feeling that blends with affection but also with physical contact, the desire to communicate love, the willingness to listen. Tenderness is in human thoughts and actions, it manifests itself in a thousand forms. Feeding the language of tenderness, it gives the possibility to constantly feel the pleasure of being together in everyday life, it values healthy communication, inclusion, respect, qualification and cooperation. It is an essential element in the biocentric culture that allows the deployment of affective intelligence by generating a human ecology of relationship.


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