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Tiziana Coda-Zabet

Teacher in elementary school, facilitator and Co-Director of the Biodanza School of Piedmont. Since 2009 she has been a founding member of the "Life at the center for children and parents" association which manages a Biocentric Parental School. She is President of the Biodanza Italy School Network Association.

Biocentric principle, heart of deep ecology


Saturday 27 May 2023

9:30 - 10:20

The word ecology comes from two Greek words: oikos and logos. 

Oikos means home, the place of refuge and security, of intimacy, of belonging, of our identity.

Lògos indicates the "word" and the "thought" which are expressed through the principle of universal rationality, law of harmony and at the same time dynamic principle of becoming, divine wisdom.

So when we talk about ecology we are entering into the law that governs harmony, into the divine wisdom regarding our home.

The Biocentric Principle is our guide in this journey of alliance with the living and with the entire planet. A paradigm shift, from Anthropocentric to Biocentric, helps us feel like inhabitants, not "masters" of the Earth.


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