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Sandra Salmaso

Biodanza Teacher Facilitator, she is Co-Director of the Ibf Biodanza School of Triveneto. Creator of the Contact Education and Biointegrating Massage method. Director and Lecturer at the School of Contact Education and Biointegrant Massage. AIMI Infant Massage Teacher. Author of the book "Le Mani che Nutrono" Vivivita Editions

Since 1978 she has studied and worked in the field of expressive techniques and experimental theater, she was an actress for 10 years. Sandra lives in Padua and is the mother of Michel, a 23-year-old poet and biodancer.

Love is learned on the skin: the redemption of

matristic culture

Saturday 27 May 2023

8:30 - 9:20

We want to believe that the future of humanity is literally "in the hands" of those who will be able to redeem the regenerative potentials of Mother Earth/Nature already present from prehistory in the Matristic Culture. 

And Biodanza sets this paradigm shift as its objective: to redeem the Human that is still in us!

The time has come to return to being more peaceful. Knowing that there have been cultures that have existed for a long time (thousands of years) without war is important, because most 20th-century people think that wars have always taken place.

When we talk about Matrística we are talking about the original culture, (preceding the current culture we know as patriarchy) that developed between 5,000 and 7,000 years ago mainly in Europe, as archaeological research has shown.

What would a society not based on control, on authority, on castration and hierarchy, on the de-potentialisation of the feminine look like?

It would be a matristic society. These societies were based on mutual care, on pleasure, on Give-Receive-Return, maintaining primordial sexuality from the beginning of life following the cycle of Life, the mother-child contact, with no other priority than that of generating Life.

The great scientist Maturana said: "Human beings are the fruit of cooperation for conservation, not of the struggle for survival: evolutionarily we are bio because we love.

Love is the emotion that founds the social: without the acceptance of the other in coexistence there is no social phenomenon." The great values, the great ideals of justice, peace, harmony, fraternity, equality are born from the biology of love and are the foundations of life in childhood. When the educational experience is based on the maternal culture that the child receives as a child, based on respect, cooperation, the legitimacy of the other, participation, sharing, conflict resolution through conversation we have a matristic culture: in which the fundamental emotion is love for coexistence. This we want to generate with Biodanza.


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