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Nataraj Garcia

Passionate about the paths that lead to the discovery of the natural Being, Nataraj creates spaces, especially through Biodanza, which bring the direct experience of Being Love, bright and joyful that we are.

He has traveled through different countries of the world offering transformation scenarios with Biodanza SRT in an alchemical way and Cacao ceremonies in the form of workshops, festivals, retreats, meetings, Biodanza schools and regular lessons.

He also accompanies individual and group processes of profound openness to Being and co-directs the school of Biodanza "Vida" in Granada.

Laura Urutia

Guide and companion of vital and spiritual processes. More than 20 years as a transpersonal psychologist. For 9 years, Biodanza has facilitated and transformed her way of life in line with her deepest feeling, for which she trained as a facilitator of Biodanza, specialized in the area of perinatality, biocentric education and organizations, among the others. She currently dedicates her professional space to facilitating private groups ​​of biodance, in the area of equality and gender of the Social Services of the Basque Country and Castilla y Leon , as well as groups for the awakening of conscience in groups of greater social concern vulnerability, respectful and aware parenting groups, retreats, etc. An accompanying us in the recognition of the light and love that we are. Unit.

Simply be. The key to full love

Practical session of Biodanza (outdoors in nature)

Saturday 27 May 2023

12:00 - 1:15 pm

Experiencing ourselves from the pure essence of Being opens an immediate door to that full love that all human beings seem to desire. Throughout our lives, we search for it as best we can without really knowing what it is. And so we refine and mature, preparing ourselves to reach the simplicity of being alone, where, almost unexpectedly, full Love is revealed to us. Without doing anything, effortlessly. We realize that we are already that love we are looking for. It is our essence.


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