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Maria Carmela Contini

Maria Carmela Contini, teacher  at CPIA 4 Oristano, Biodanza facilitator in training at the Biodanza Sardinia school

He has been involved in cultural integration for many years having been part, as information sector manager, of Osvic, a citizen NGO with projects to support disadvantaged populations in various parts of the world, such as Africa and South America.

President of UNESCO for the province of Oristano, he has developed and carried out numerous projects aimed at the cultural and territorial promotion of the region, and at overcoming gender, ethnic and religious differences.

Commitment also carried forward in the municipal and regional commissions for equal opportunities.

Biodanza is a universal language


Saturday 27 May 2023

8:30 - 9:20

Project of motor, interpersonal and cultural integration through Biodanza promoted by the CPIA Oristano with the participation of: Family Consultory of Oristano - ASL Oristano.

The project, in its second year of implementation, aims to promote psychophysical well-being, as well as social and cultural integration and inclusion between foreign and Italian subjects enrolled in the CPIA (Permanent Education Center for Adults) and not, and the services offered by the territory. This path, aimed at prevention, and where needed, at overcoming socio-environmental isolation and marginalization uses Biodanza for its action at different levels, such as body, emotional, relational.


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