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Maite Bernardelle

Operator owner teacher of Biodanza with over forty years of experience. Pioneer of the Biodanza movement, she is the creator of the vivencial massage system Maite Bernardelle.

Owner of the extensions of Biodanza and massage, Vivencial massage and Biodanza, Perinatal Biodanza and rehabilitation of Sexuality. Director of the Biodanza Hispanic School in Madrid.
She was present, offering her experience and supervision, alongside the first founding group of the Clinical Biodanza Protocol in Vicenza (1998).

I love therefore I am: Rolando Toro's vision

Masterful session of Biodanza

Sunday 28 May 2023

12:00 - 1:15 pm

In the course of his permanent research, Rolando came to the conclusion that the greatest difference between human beings and other living beings is their capacity for love and expression of greatness and splendour. This was the central theme of all his research, and in the last years of his life he famously delved into various aspects that boiled within him. And he captured this profound aspect of being human throughout his theory.


● The integration of fatal dissociations.

● The ten human universals -characteristics common to all human beings that differentiate them from other living beings-

● The repression of the greatness of the human being which will finally be reflected in the numinous unconscious.

● Scale of human bonding.


Among the latest theoretical insights, he dealt with the evolution of the human bond, which he called the Bonding Scale.


Rolando reflected on the existential weight of the question formulated by the Nobel Prize for literature Nadine Gordimer: To what extent are we human? What is it to be human? And this reflection contained these brilliant words - ¨I think Darwin's theory is incomplete, I find that something essential is missing, after ̈ Homo sapiens ̈ the next level should be ¨Homo humanus ̈ and the criterion to define this status is the ability to connection with oneself, with the other and with the universe. The possibility of evolution exists thanks to epigenetics.¨


Rolando wasn't interested in people's characters, but in their human conditions, their level of humanity. Through his reflections, Rolando established a very representative and clear connecting scale, based on different authors and which he modified at different times according to his research, as he did in the same theoretical model of Biodanza. In his own words ¨In this text, I wish to give an approximate vision of the evolution of forms of interhuman bonding. This connecting scale is incomplete, but it allows us to see clearly the nature of the changes.¨

Evolutionary scale summary of the connection:

1. Anarchist individualism (Max Weber, Fritz Perls) - I am myself facing the other and the cosmos.

2. Personalism and collectivism (Stalin, Hitler) - Hear my voice through the mask. danger of false or toxic information. authoritarian leadership.

3. Priorities of "we" and dialogue (Martin Buber, Paulo Freire, Pichon Riviere) - Effective dialogue, critical judgment and practice of education for freedom and social justice. Reciprocal nourishment of identity with the other (Jean Piaget, Psychology and epistemology of identity) It allows the expression of genetic potential.

4. Empathy (H. Lips, Edith Stein) - Put yourself in the other person's place.

5. Epiphany of the encounter (Emmanuel Levinas) - Uniting the sacredness of the self with the sacredness of the other.

From the fourth point of the evolutionary ladder of bonding, the progress of relationships between humans begins. The first three steps are fluid, dissociative, and highly destructive. The following are supplementary. These levels of integrative links are stimulated by the biodance system.


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