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Gabriel Freyhoff

University course in special education at the University of Cologne (Germany). Continuing education in early intervention with disabled children and developmental disorders. Training as a Biodanza leader at the Biodanza School of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil Continuing education in Biodanza and clay and Biodanza and massage. Qualification as trainer (teacher) in Biodanza with founder Prof. Rolando Toro, Rio de Janeiro / Milan Continuing education on identity and the four elements, Minotaur project and Biodanza with children Worked as a special educator in schools, early interventions and projects community-oriented with women, youth, disabled, street children and malnourished children in Brazil and Germany. Expertise, consultancy and monitoring of projects and NGOs in São Paulo and in the north-east of Brazil Participation in conferences and presentation of practical works in Biodanza in Brazil, Argentina, Brazil and Switzerland. Director of the Biodanza School of Cologne (Germany) since 2002. Advanced training in Tree of Wishes, Aqua-biodanza, Biodanza and Tarot, Hero's Journey, Premonition of the Angel, Biodanza and Poetry, etc. Representative in the methodology commission of the IBFed

The qualities of the heart change the world

Practical session of Biodanza

Saturday 27 May 2023

12:00 - 1:15 pm

Heart qualities are characteristics that allow us to accept life, ourselves, and others with love. Because "only with the heart can one see well" (Antoine de Exupéry). The heart doesn't judge, it tends to understand, resonate and connect. By developing the qualities of the heart, we liberate the intelligence of love. We are able to transform pain and negativity. Consciousness expands, we experience the sacredness of life. So we can say with Rolando Toro: "I love, therefore I am".


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