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Ana Cristina Jacome Azevedo

Biodanza teaching facilitator for 14 years in Portugal and Israel with 22 years of experience in Biodanza, Specialization in Biodanza and mental salts, Certified in different Extensions, in particular Extension of Clinical and Social Biodanza, Tree of Wishes Minotaur, identity and self-esteem. BIODANZA and the Tarot, Biodanza and the I Ching. Conducts workshops and conferences in various countries. Masters in Clinical Psychology, with thirty years of experience. Teaching for 16 years at university in Portugal. Life and Health Coach for 24 years ICF. Mindfulness facilitator MBCT, MBSRF Facilitator of family and organizational constellations for 19 years. Couples therapist and sex therapist for 12 years.

Integrating Biodanza into the public health system


Sunday 28 May 2023

9:30 - 10:20

How to integrate BIODANZA into the public health system in family health facilities (USF) for the population inside the facility and for the external population covered by the facility.

An 11-year journey that culminated in an official certification in emotional best practices and the creation of the Emotional Fitness Academy at Type B USF. The knowledge gained has proven to be even more important for maintaining emotional health during the fight against Covid-19.

In September 2019, the Portuguese Ministry of Health announced support for the implementation of projects dedicated to the humanization of care: emotional best practice programmes. Emotional good practices to and from USF for internal and external clients including BIODANZA is «a project to be replicated in other units»

The publication of Just News on November 1, 2021 "Humanizing care": a project to be replicated had the mission of sharing good practices, good ideas and projects of excellence developed in the field of primary health care, facilitating their replication on the SNS ( national health system in Portugal)

The Program of Good Emotional Practices developed including BIODANZA provides for annual renewal, with the following main objectives: “promote a more productive and efficient work environment; increase motivation and job satisfaction; for users and promote their health by offering other services as well

This experience "awakened the interest of USF across the country, which contacted us to find out HOW TO DEVELOP this project. The Emotional Fitness Academy was created, so that "When you talk about humanization, you emphasize that it is important not forget the main thing - the human, that the emotional best practice program aims, precisely, to put life at the center and allow the human being to have a more emotionally balanced and healthy personal and professional life, which translates into a improvement of the relationship with oneself, with others and with the world".

The data of this path will be present, the process of creating the space for BIODANZA in this program and the impact of the project will be presented. What was the path and how it led to the integration of BIODANZA. What was the added value of BIODANZA" satisfaction and positive impact on most of the employees and therefore on the decision to offer it also to the users of the department.


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