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Anna Maria Scano

Biodanza Teacher Facilitator, specialized in "Biodanza Voice and Percussion", "Biodanza Children and Adolescents", "Biodanza and the Zodiacal Archetypes", "Biodanza and the Arcana of the Tarot", "Biodanza and Neo-shamanism". He is tutor at the Biodanza School of Piedmont. She is also an Ayurvedic and Holistic massage operator, trained at the School of Science and Teachings of the Fifth Dimension, in Sacred Technology and Angeology. Leads, promotes and organizes workshops and events in Rome.

The miracles of the heart

Practical session of Biodanza

Sunday 28 May 2023

10:30 - 11:45

Affective intelligence is the ability to establish connections with the existing and to be able to relate personal identity with the universal identity (anima mundi), to become creators of one's own life and increase the life resources for the community.

We are individual cells of a collective organism,  we are a network, we are connected!

We are a single organism that changes continuously and every time we choose to organize ourselves freely in cooperation with other beings

Living, we enter the vibrational flow of the Universe, where we draw even more creative energy.

Meeting the Miracles of the Heart means rediscovering our ability to create moments capable of changing the course of reality intact. 

Creating moments of encounter in which the Heart guides the human being.

Valuing the feeling of trust, reciprocity and solidarity.


At the origins of the origins of the Forum

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