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Pierangelo Colombi

Titular Teacher Didact, trained in the school led by prof. Rolando Toro. Titled in Biodanza in 2001, with a monograph based on a proposal of Biodanza in the field of drug addiction at the community "La Tenda" affiliated with the ASL of Brescia through the SERT. He collaborated for the realization of theatrical performances at the CRT of Rovato (BS) with psychiatric patients. Specialized in various extensions, including Biodanza and psychosomatic diseases, Biodanza with children and adolescents and Biocentric Education.

Clinical Biodanza facilitator in the Davide & Golia group (Caritas VI) from 2008 to 2013. He co-led Biodanza sessions for prisoners (Empowerment project) at the Mantua prison. Laughter Yoga Leader certified by “Laughter Yoga International University”. Since 2004 he has been conducting Biodanza courses in schools* of all levels and in private form.

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Saturday 27 May 2023

8:30 - 9:20

Life manifests itself in many forms. Each of us takes on particularities and potentials. The integration of differences and uniqueness into a group is a valuable possibility:
it depends on where you want to look.
Being in such a multiform human multiplies care, protection, listening, loving touch. It depends where you want to stay

Dance releases courage and joie de vivre. It's your time!
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