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Nadia Costa

Operator, teacher of Biodanza, pioneer of the Biodanza movement in Europe. She is the director of the "Rolando Toro" Biodanza School in Switzerland. Trainer in the "Biodanza for the third and fourth age" extension, she deals with the promotion in favor of the existential requalification of people in old age.

She is the creator and promoter of the first Social Biodance Forum in Switzerland.

At every age life has its charms: Biodanza and gerontology

Sunday 28 May 2023

8:30 - 9:20

Aging is still the only way we have found to live long.

"The phrase 'we age while we live', by the neuropsychiatrist and psychoanalyst Julian de Ajuriaguerra, expresses a dramatic truth, confirmed by observation. The aging process is a final extension of all biological and existential events".Rolando Toro


The application of Biodanza in Gerontology aims to stimulate age-specific skills that generally remain latent.

In a joyful atmosphere, everyone is invited to express themselves freely and in harmony with their own pace and physical abilities.

The emotional content of music, its rhythm, melody motivate dances and facilitate communication.

Ultimately, it seems that the best way to age is to relate to the world and to others.


The aging individual can experience the sunlit 'here and now' of the past and retain the enthusiasm of youth, continue to be passionate, cultivate relationships that suit them, and continue to develop their potential.


In summary, the Biodanza exercises aim to:

• To recover motor skills

• Reduce psychosomatic symptoms

• Strengthen self-confidence

• To re-establish or create social ties

• Relieves muscle tension and stiffness

• Develop creative expression

• Boost your memory


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