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Mauro Rotenberg

Graduated in Physics from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (1977) and Masters in Education from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (1999). Biodanza teaching operator, as well as educator and musician, he has deepened the link between quantum physics and Biodanza, Biodanza, intra and interpersonal relationships, feelings and relationships. Participates in Congresses and Meetings in Brazil and Europe, promotes courses and stages in Brazil.

Chaos is peace (and love) in motion


Sunday 28 May 2023

9:30 - 10:20

For the Greeks, Chaos was the opposite of Order. From there a thought was created that indicated only two positions: either one was in Chaos, that is, in a profound disorder, or things were ordered. When something didn't follow the expected linear consequence, panic was generated in people. He said to himself: "My life is in Chaos", surely referring to a desperation that arose due to the apparent disorder. Chaos, according to the understanding of the Greeks, was linked to something extremely messy and random, which caused instability, reflecting a disorientation in the person's life. Because we are used to wanting to keep our life under strict control, we end up suffering, because it is not possible to control life.

It took millennia, until the 1970s, for the concept of Chaos to undergo a profound change. Created from the study of atmospheric movements, current Chaos Theory proposes that there is a natural order that is beyond our control and for this reason does not leave us aimless.

Chaos theory proposes that there are attractors that give a natural order to life. The first consequence is the awareness that life is not linear. This leads us to the idea that life is probabilistic, that is, with every step taken, other probabilities can arise. The fact that there are probabilities and not certainties increases the richness of life. There are multiple occurrence options. We can say that this constitutes what I call a fertile ground for creativity, i.e. Chaos would be the source of creativity. Only by being in Chaos are we truly creative.

Life happens in chaos, love exists only in chaos. We must not think that Chaos is a state of stillness, it is of movement. The same happens with Peace and Love: they are not resting places, but they are always in motion.

Accepting that movement and flowing into it is the secret to perceiving the beauty and intensity of Peace and Love.

In a Forum whose proposal is I love therefore I am, perceiving that Love is born in Chaos is a challenge. And, in this presentation, Mauro Rotenberg intends to show that it is possible to live enjoying Love and Peace in the movement of Chaos with joy and intensity.


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