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Marcus Stueck

Psychologist, University Professor and Researcher in the health area at the Universities of Leipzig and Riga, Head of Research at the "DPFA- Academy Work and Health" and Scientific Director of the "International Research Academy", is the author of numerous scientific publications on the effects of Biodanza in health. He is the referent of the Bio-net platform, for the scientific evidence of Biodanza and promoter of the "TanzPro" Biocentric Education program. He is director of the Biodanza School of Riga (Latvia).

The invisible behind the visible - Introduction to biocentric health theory


Saturday 27 May 2023

8:30 - 9:20

This lecture will explain a way of looking at the biocentric paradigm in a scientific and holistic way. Marcus Stueck in recent years has developed, scientifically studied and published a Biocentric Theory of Health, which can serve as a basis for incorporating Biodanza into other practicable Biocentric methods or fields of action and theories. This includes, for example, Naess' theory of Deep Ecology or other biological and psychological models such as the polyvagal theory, the fractal theory or the foundations of quantum physics in the social sciences and so on. Also, the connection between spirituality and the material world, which is necessary for biocentrism. That is, the invisible world behind the visible. The invisible is not a matter of faith, but of scientific logic. The main features of this theory were developed and published in 2021 as part of an international study on COVID19 and the psyche in which 8 Biodanza universities and teachers around the world took part. It also serves as the basis for an argument in the journal Frontiers in Psychology on biocentric development and COVID19 toward human growth and sustainability.


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