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Gila Cohen Zilka

Facilitator in training at the Biodanza School of Northern Israel. Gila Cohen Zilka currently works in the area of social sciences, at Bar Ilan University and Achva Academic College. Gila does research in Communication and Media. The current project is "ICT, children in the digital environment and communication in diversified media". She is the author of numerous research and academic publications in the area of education and developmental age.

Biodanza and the implementation of the Biocentric Education Principle in kindergartens

Panel discussion

Saturday 27 May 2023

8:30 - 9:20

This study examined the introduction of biodance in kindergartens together with the implementation of the principle of biocentric education, with an emphasis on affectivity, to create a caring climate and encourage meaningful interactions between children and between kindergarten staff and children. The research question was: How would the introduction of biodance and the implementation of biocentric education in kindergartens achieve these goals? This was a qualitative study. The data was collected in Israel in the years 2017-2019. Study results show that biodance in kindergartens enabled situations that required children to address the emotional and social aspects of their interactions. Consequently, the resonance of positivity in the kindergarten has intensified considerably and the atmosphere has become increasingly affectionate, welcoming and sharing, and positive gestures have increased considerably. The communication between the kindergarten staff and the children has undergone a change and has become noticeably more affectionate than it was at the beginning of the process.


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